How the crisis at Southwest Airlines will play out across every industry in America.

The lack of active workers at Southwest Airlines, due to their recent vaccine mandate, is emblematic of a much larger issue than the internal issues at Southwest airlines, it's the future crisis of America.

In the above graphic design, courtesy of the GerstNation Media Group depicts a vaccine syringe used as the base of a Southwest commercial jetliner.

By: Mo Gerstley

Late last week, Southwest Airlines C.E.O, Gary Kelly announced in a company-wide memo that all employees of the 56,000-person workforce must be vaccinated against Covid-19 by Dec. 8th, 2021. If not, worker's employment will be terminated, by the New Year. The Pilots working for Southwest, however, are staunchly against the unjust mandate, and on Saturday, so many of the pilots and aviators decided not to heed the mandate and instead call in sick. The movement was so widespread, that hundreds of flights were canceled in the early hours of Saturday, October 9th due to the lack of workers and pilots at Southwest Airlines. Despite denying the claims that the massively low turnout of employees on Saturday and Sunday were due to the vaccine mandates, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA), a union, has filed a lawsuit against Southwest over its vaccine mandate, an evident indicator that the employees of the aviation giant are in fact infuriated at the airlines dicision to lay-off hundreds, if not thousands, of staffers for reluctancy over the vaccine. However, executives at Southwest, and the media, covered up the story, claiming that the lack of flights over the weekend was due to ‘‘disruptive weather.’’ The media elites fear that a story like this, could show Americans that the future of the economy could be severely damaged by the mandated vaccine, but in an attempt to stop the story from going mainstream, they've simply claimed it was all due to air traffic control “issues.” The truth, though, is that President Biden’s mandate for all companies with more than a hundred employees are required to mandate vaccines is causing a major shift in the economic, social, and cultural paradigm of the United States. It causes employers to divide their employees, and inevitably fire those who do not comply with the government's order, in their pursuits of freedom. It further divides an already split up and fragile nation on the verge of a potential collapse, and it loosens hope in the future of our democracy. In a profound way, this simple move by Southwest is far more impactful for Americans than their cheap and affordable domestic flights being delayed. Rather, the move signifies the beginning of the cultural war on those who wish to maintain the traditional way of America and to reject the government's unconstitutional rule when they see fit, as outlined in their basic American rights. Along with the brave employees of Southwest, who fearlessly avoided work, in order to make a statement to the corporate levels of the company, Americans across the nation ought to stand up for their rights, lest they lose them, forever.

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